Chanting With Vibration


Seed Sound

Vowel Sound

Musical Note

Muladhara LAM O as in “oh” C
Swadhisthana VAM U as in “mule” D
Manipura RAM A as in “father” E
Anahata YAM Ay as in “hay” F
Visuddha HAM Ee as in “reed” G
Ajña SHAM Am as in “ham” A
Sahasrara AUM Aum with clear Ah-Oh-Mm vibration B

To chant, you will want to sit with an erect spine. It is helpful to have a small pillow at the base of the spine at your tailbone, to help straighten and align the spinal column. The times of day best suited for chanting are at sunrise and sunset, when the Earth is quieter, although any time of day will work. The process you will do is a deep vibratory sound. Don’t be frightened of the sound you may have never heard from yourself! Sometimes it is surprising to hear and feel the vibration and sound that you create for the first time. It is normal and okay. It may also take some adjustment for you to really feel the sound so it is okay to play with the sounds and adjust the tone, strength and breath that you give it. When your body feels the tingle or your brain feels a tickle, you’ve hit it. Practice that sound more so that you can do it naturally the next time.
You will also need to practice your deep breathing. When you practice deep breathing your stomach and chest should expand with inhale and get smaller on the exhale. Do not lift or tighten your shoulders when breathing in or out. Clear your mind and focus on your breath.

Here are the steps:

  1. In a quiet space, sit with your spine erect. Use a support pillow if necessary, preferably at sunrise or sunset.
  2. Breathe deeply for 3-7 breaths until you feel your body relax while maintaining a straight spine.
  3. With the complete exhale of a deep breath, make your first vibration sound. Focus the energy and vibration to the appropriate Chakra.  For instance, with the 5th Chakra you will make the vibration sound Ee as in “reed”. Focus on the Chakra; in the case of the 5th is in the throat. Use the entire exhalation to produce the sound. Continue to chant this with each exhale as long as you feel you need to. Close out the externally driven thoughts, like wondering who can hear you and what they’re thinking, or what you have to do later, or what you’ll be making for dinner. Focus your thoughts and energy on the sound, and the deep vibration. Remember it should feel like a slight tickle, sometimes in your brain, or your mouth, or all over your body. Trust that your higher self knows when to stop.
  4. It is not necessary to go through all Chakras and vibrations at once while you are learning. But after you are comfortable with the process, take a little extra time and move to the next Chakra vibration until you get through them as you focus your energy and the sound to each Chakra as appropriate.

Remember not to hold judgement on yourself in this process. You are where you are and your learning process and ability is as it should be for each moment. As you continue to practice this, you will notice a difference in both the way you go through the sounds, as well as notice a difference in your body, spirit, and mind. Many say it is a feeling of lightness and balance as they carry themselves throughout their day.

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