Coaching 101

What does coaching entail?

In the coaching dynamic, Giovanna co-creates a 100% confidential partnership with the client which facilitates movement towards whole-life balance; health for body, mind, and spirit; personal effectiveness; and endless happiness. It is accomplished through finding what the client’s desire is, learning what the client’s reality is, and building a tailored strategy to create it and live it. With Giovanna taking a stand for your desires and her commitment to keeping you supported, motivated and accountable, the process is quicker than doing it alone.

This is your life. Dream it, Create it and Live it the way you want to! 

Get Coached Now

For whom does coaching work best?

  • If you desire to have a life you love, or want to feel passionate about living again
  • If you want to be healthy & happy
  • If you want to live in balance and harmony
  • If you are ready to stand in your truth
  • …Or have any personal desire, dream, or goal that you want to manifest in your life

So If you’re ready to Dream it, Create it, and Live it, then I’m here to support you!


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