Do You Want to Have Good Health?

May 15, 2010

Do you have good health or do you live in illness and dis-ease? I like hyphenating the word disease because it breaks down the true meaning of the word. And coming from a holistic standpoint, as I often do with Reiki and other alternative thoughts I have on health, illness comes from a place when the body, mind and spirit is out of harmony and balance, a.k.a. it is stressed and not at ease, therefore it is dis-eased.

I’m sure you’ve heard that we have the three facets to our being – body, mind and spirit. Most people have. If this concept is new to you, I’ll break it down. Two parts are obvious, body and mind – not your physical brain because that’s part of the body, but the actual thinking part within your brain- your consciousness. The third is spirit. The spirit I’m talking about here is your sub-conscious.

When left alone, to fend for itself, uncontrolled, and unchecked, your sub-conscious can sabotage your world and wreak havoc in your life. And when it comes to your health, your sub-conscious can make you well, keep you healthy, or make you sicker than you can even imagine. What do you think your sub-conscious is doing for or to you? Is it benefitting you or not?

In the case of the latter, the sickness and unwell, I’d like to offer an insight and a practice to take up. Good health can only be had when there is balance in all areas, body, mind and spirit. This means that one must be aligned with integrity with what feels right to them with regard to what they should be doing in life, how they’re doing it, who they’re doing it with, etc. It also means that one piece of life that is out of whack can throw the whole off kilter. It makes sense, we’re only as strong as our weakest link, right? So what is your weakest link in life? Where are you out of balance? Is most of it balanced except for one or two things or is it all a disaster?

Figuring the part that’s out of balance and getting it straightened out is the first step. The next is getting a clear vision of how you want yourself to be and see it in as much detail as you possibly can. Do you see yourself running a marathon and playing with your friends or kids every weekend? What do you see for yourself? What is your ideal age; how old were you when you felt your very best? What is the ideal fun you’d like to be having? What is a phrase you can create for it? “I’d like to feel as if I were 15 again, able to tirelessly run through the fields and do cartwheels over and over.” Keep that vision in your head!

After you’ve envisioned your ideal ‘you’ at your healthy state again, the next part is realizing what self-talk you might be doing that is keeping you bogged down. When someone asks you how you’re doing, do you say, “I’m fantastic!” or do you say, “Oh, my back’s been bothering me but I’m okay.” When you start to feel that crick in your back, do you start complaining to everyone around? What if nobody’s there? Do you complain to the cat or the dog? How about to yourself? Ever hear yourself tell yourself how bad you feel or that you just wish you could feel better? …Do you think it? So that’s the next step, to become mindful of your thoughts.

Keep being mindful and keep envisioning yourself as you want to be and think your own personal empowering thought (ex. “I want to feel like I am 15 again and able to tirelessly run through the fields and do cartwheels over and over.”) The next step… is being grateful!

That’s it! Keep it in mind, all the time, endlessly, tirelessly. This will reprogram your sub-conscious into serving you up good health on a silver platter!

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