Make Your Dreams Come True

June 25, 2010

When you think of “dreams” do you think of something that happened at night while you were sleeping? Or do you think of things you wish you could have or do but think you never will be able to?

When you think of the things that you believe are out of reach, is it because they truly are? Things like winning the lottery are out of your control – it’s not something you can create a strategy and plan to guarantee to make happen. A friend asked me if being a Dream Coach® meant that I could coach him so he could get a date with Halle Berry. That might also be a fantasy… like winning the lottery. He might be able to form a strategy to get a date with her, but it’s ultimately out of his hands and in the hands of Halle Berry. At some point it’s out of his hands.

The dreams within your control are the dreams you can achieve. You might be sitting there saying, “Yeah, I wanna go on a trip to Europe, but on my salary, I will never be able to afford it!” But your salary, in the end, is something you can control! If there is no potential for moving up in the company or getting paid more for what you do, why do you stay in that position or at that company? I’m not saying quit right now – certainly not! There are smart ways about doing things, like going on a job hunt for that better job, getting hired first and then putting in your notice. Or if you need to get more education under your belt first, do that! Europe will wait for you!

Taking action toward making your dreams come true is what shows you have commitment, and action is the only thing that will bring that dream out of the realm of the “someday” into the “now”. Now you actually are taking steps toward making your dream of going to Europe happen – and it will happen! You are doing what you need to do to get the money to get there – and you’re being smart about it.

So now, create a vision for yourself, whatever that is for you. When I say “create” I really mean create – at the true heart of the word. You have the power in your hands to be the maker, the designer, the artist of your vision for your life. What do you want to be doing – for work – for fun? Where do you want to be living – new town – new house – new country? With whom do you want to be doing it or are you doing it alone? Get super creative! See it and paint it in your mind! Get all the juicy details in there – is there a specific view out of the window of your dream home that you see? Are you entertaining in your dream home? Are you doing an adrenaline activity that you have always wanted to do but never done – like skydiving or going to the race car driving school? Are you working in a new job that you’ve always wanted – maybe with a corner office – or doing something that gives back to the community? Are you making a certain amount of money? Are you in a new location – is it a big metropolis or a small town where everyone knows everyone else? Are you in the mountains, the desert or the beach? Are you in the USA or some other place you prefer? Are you driving a new car, what is the car, what color is it, what options did you get? What exactly do you see? Create it in your mind.

Can you picture it? Okay, now picture yourself in your dream life - you are living that dream; you are cooking in your dream kitchen, you are shifting gears in your new car and going faster and you hear the roar of the engine – see yourself while you are doing those dream activities whatever yours may be. And now feel what it’s like.

Can you feel your excitement building up? If you can, that’s fantastic. Keep envisioning what you want. Sit with it and feel excited about it every day. Try not to let it go, but if you do, that’s okay, it will be easy to get it, just sit for a minute and remember. Once you have it it’s not difficult to recall it as many times as you need to.

If you keep the dream, and the feeling of you living your dream alive inside you, things will begin presenting themselves to you, things that we often call coincidences – (they’re not). Follow the coincidences. They will often lead you to opportunities. Sieze the opportunities. Meet the new people and create new paths. Explore. If your heart tells you it’s right and it feels good in your heart, then it most likely is the right decision.

However, this is where some people trip. They often do what they “think” is the right thing. And they don’t follow their intuition. There is an actual physical feeling with intuition. You might know right away what I’m talking about, but if you don’t – think about it for a minute. Go back to childhood and think about that feeling you got when you did something you knew was absolutely wrong and you did it anyway. And then think about the feeling you got when you knew you were going to get in trouble for it. That was a powerful feeling wasn’t it? That’s the same feeling I’m talking about. Although many adults have pushed their intuition aside, and they’ve ignored it for so long they have a hard time recognizing it when it presents itself. If you can’t remember what it felt like to do something wrong as a kid, you probably will have a difficult time recognizing intuition now. And I recommend that you practice paying attention and following your intuition before you do anything major – otherwise you could make an unwise decision that might have disastrous effects in your life, and possibly even the lives of the people you love.

The upside to following intuition is that you most likely won’t go down the wrong path. And you’ll most likely only be walking on the paths that will lead you where you want to be going.

Remember, making smart decisions is always best, especially if other people are depending on you, like a family. And if your health is on the line, it’s always best to discuss things with your physician first to be sure your choice is okay.

I am continually following the “coincidences” and my intuition. I am also continually dreaming. I hope you will join me.

Please share your thoughts about this blog or share your experiences with making your dreams a reality in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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