What is E.F.T.?

E.F.T. is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a tapping process that was created by Gary Craig. The process has been shown to help eliminate negative feelings and strengthen positive and affirmative feelings and emotions, using points along the meridians in the body. It works for health and well-being on the whole – meaning you can help your body maintain physical health as well as mental/emotional health and spiritual health!

When we think about what that means for us it’s profound! We can not only control our thoughts,we can also utilize this wonderful tool to help speed things along – and see and feel the difference immediately! This isn’t a thing that is purely subjective; often, people around you will notice a difference in you as well because it works on you as a whole. While your focus may be around one thing, even something that people might not know about, E.F.T. is dealing with things on a deep level, the emotions that are deeply ingrained, the feelings and thoughts buried, because those negative emotions control us like a puppeteer controls his puppets. And once you clear those blocks and negative emotions out of the way, it becomes visible to others and yourself and you’ll feel the change right away!

With E.F.T. you will desensitize negative emotions, and in the process you will come up with your own affirmations to facilitate positive emotions and positive energy.

E.F.T. releases endorphins and stuck energy. It triggers the Relaxation Response, resets the energetic and nervous systems, triggers energetic, cognitive, perceptual and somatic shifts. E.F.T. balances the mind/body energies and helps bring about greater awareness.

E.F.T. works extremely well with coaching to clear the blocks in the road on the way to manifesting dreams and bringing success into your life.

Giovanna is a Certified E.F.T. Practitioner since 2008. Through guidance from your practitioner, sessions can be performed on Dream Big Live Happy premises or in the comfort of your home over the phone.

To see how E.F.T. and/or coaching can work for you, schedule your complimentary session today!
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