Q: Do I need to live in San Diego to receive coaching from you?
A: No. Most of my clients prefer to have their coaching over phone. In person is available for local clients.

Q: Is this regular life coaching?
A: NO! This is Performance Coaching with an emphasis on your dreams and living your dream life.

Q: How does Performance Coaching differ from Life Coaching?
A: The two are based in similar ideas and theories; however, Performance Coaching is designed to get to the “nitty-gritty” and facilitate change as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Q: Is coaching the same as therapy?
A: No. Coaching is action oriented and does not address issues, especially past-related, as deeply as therapy might. Coaching often works very well in partnership with therapy but is not designed to replace a mental health professional. Coaching is designed to bring about a change in patterns and focused on a clear and identifiable desired outcome. If you have a therapist, be sure to get them involved in your coaching so they can work with your coach as a team.

Q: What is my coach’s responsibility?
A: Giovanna is a member of a local branch of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and follows the ICF Code of Ethics. Her responsibility to you is to provide you with confidential coaching, honest and truthful support so you can create your desired outcome, she’ll do what she says, she’ll be on time, and she lives her coaching.

Q: What is my own responsibility?
A: To show up on time to your appointments, to do the work, to not buy in to your mind’s excuses, justifications, and rationalizations, to be honest with yourself and your coach, and to be open to possibility.

Q: What is involved in coaching?
A: You and your coach will have weekly 50 – 60 minute sessions, either in person or on the phone. You and your coach will create a coaching plan that clearly defines what you intend to create during your coaching relationship. You will create milestones each week and work on co-created assignments during the week that are designed to move you toward your milestones and  increase your awareness about what may be holding you back from achieving what you want. You and your coach will co-create practices designed to create awareness of what works and does not work in your life and to assist you in changing behaviors and beliefs that do not serve your needs and desires. She will tell you what she’s seeing and hearing, and hold you accountable for what you say you want.

Q: What is Ontological Performance Coaching?
A: Being with human beings in a way that creates sudden and significant shifts of the greatest magnitude by coaching ways of being, practices that create results, and are in alignment with purpose and vision.

Q. What is Reiki?
A. Reiki is a hands-on system of alternative health. It is used to align the subtle energy body with the physical body and mind. Through this alignment, people who receive Reiki regularly commonly report feelings of balance, more energy, an ability to feel centered even in chaos, and they also often report healing of many types of ailments.

Q. What is EFT?
A. EFT is created by a man named Gary Craig, and stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Through the prescribed steps, people are able to break habits, remove emotional hurts, and get past the subconscious barriers which are developed throughout life. EFT is even being used by veterans to get past the pain of PTSD. In conjunction with coaching, you can get past your barriers more quickly so you can get down to living your life and being happy.

Q. Can EFT be used with Reiki too?
A. Absolutely! EFT is another tool to help create balance between the body, mind, and spirit, and works very well with Reiki to get you where you want to be effeciently, and without turmoil and stress.

Q. Where did Giovanna get her education and credentials?
A. Please see Education & Credentials for specific details

If you’re thinking of having coaching, but just want to know more about how it can specifically work for you,
contact Giovanna to set up a one on one consultation, free of charge and see what’s possible through coaching.


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