Giovanna Mealer provides Reiki treatments. This service can be in combination with coaching or alone.

Reiki is an universal life-force-energy based alternative healing process. It uses a light-touch treatment with Reiki symbolism and Ki/Chi/Pranic energy to facilitate the healing process. Over the years, many claim that Reiki works on both physical and emotional problems and that they have received benefit from having regular Reiki treatments. Reiki treatments will re-align and un-clog your chakras and will aid in your life-force energy returning to a healthy flowing state. Read the story of Reiki’s origins for more information.

Giovanna is a Registered Certified Usui Reiki Master and has received accolades from her instructor, clients and other practitioners. She has been certified to practice since 2006 and received the degree of Reiki Master in 2008. She appeared on a Tucson, Arizona radio talk show sharing information about Reiki in 2010.

Over the years, Giovanna’s healing technique has evolved into a new style of Reiki called Sammā Sati Reiki which blends the original Usui techniques with the techniques passed down from Mrs. Takata in the United States, and the guided techniques given to Giovanna through her intuition and experience.

Giovanna offers Reiki classes and personal treatment sessions. She also facilitates a community healing circle where the people in the San Diego community can come for donation-only Reiki sessions.

Reiki sessions are conducted in the Rancho Peñasquitos area of San Diego in a comfortable and private setting. Address will be available at time of payment.

Please contact Giovanna for a complimentary consultation about how Reiki can be of benefit to you. 1.888.327.2282

“Giovanna came to me as a student for Reiki Healing. I found her to be a very special spiritual person with a beautiful soul. After working with her through my Healing classes, I watched her unfold into a wonderful Healer that blesses those she meets.”
- D. Singerline; Atlanta, GA

Claims made about specific products and treatments on or through this site have not been proven effective by the medical community. Reiki should not substitute medical care provided by a licensed medical physician or practitioner, but is believed by many to work well in conjunction with traditional western medicine. Please consult your regular health practitioner for any illnesses and health concerns you may have.


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