Growth in Progress

October 22, 2010

I am taking on some growth opportunities that will better me as a coach, as a speaker, a friend, as a parent, a wife, as a human.

I just returned from another workshop at Dream University® called Inspiring Speaker to improve my speaking skills. I’ve always been comfortable being up in front of a crowd. I played piano for 11 years beginning at the age of four. I learned to play for large recitals in spite of my nerves. And I sang throughout my childhood. Our church held two-thousand people and would pack it in for the holiday programs. I soloed in my early teens, and as I grew into my later teen years, I toured briefly in the mid-west singing in a gospel trio and with a choir. It was a fun experience and it was a wonderful thing to be able to sing in front of huge crowds in new places.

But speaking… was another story. I first spoke in front of a group of several hundred people at a Landmark Education seminar. One night I got up took the mic and with my nerves rattling and hands sweating and face probably as white as a ghost, and I began to tell about myself. And as I spoke my nerves settled. The following week I got up again and it wasn’t as bad. I continued to get up each week until by the end of it, I felt relatively comfortable speaking in public.

However, being comfortable speaking and speaking well are two different animals. And I learned how to speak well at Inspiring Speaker. I feel more confident in my skills as a speaker now no matter with whom I am speaking.

I also took on 9 month long course for coach mastery and certification through Source Point Institute which I will complete in June. It’s an intensive course a lot of work that I’ll be required to do in order to take and pass the exams to get my certification. The point is to strengthen my existing coaching skills and learn new ones. The payoff will trickle down to my clients who will reap the benefits of my continued studies. And that is a great thing.

Is there something in your life that you’ve been wanting to learn so that you can grow as a person, as a professional or otherwise? Have you been wanting to hone your skills for your job? Or learn to meditate so that you can have a deeper spiritual life or relax more? Have you been wanting to learn a new hobby? Have you been wanting to communicate with your spouse better or learn how to create more time to spend with your family?

Growth is essential to humans. We tend to get bored, we tend to become restless if we are not growing and moving forward. So find your dream and move it forward. Take action on it daily so that it becomes a reality. Because without action, the dream stays in the “someday” realm and we all know, “someday” never comes.

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