Have You Ever Wondered How to Become Prosperous and Wealthy?

May 9, 2010

Throughout time people have wondered how to become more prosperous and wealthy. Are you one of them?

Many people need more money and most people want it. But I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about whole life prosperity and wealth – living a life to it’s fullest – in health, in happiness, and yes in monetary wealth. This includes doing the things you enjoy and enjoying the things you do!

If your body was perfectly healthy, your relationships were balanced and peaceful, your job were something that gave you fulfillment and met your monetary needs and desires, if you had enough time for your spiritual life and enough time for fun with your family, you had the ability to play like you want to and your entire life was full of joy, would you consider yourself wealthy and prosperous? Would you say that is living a life of abundance? For you, is being prosperous only about money or does it include all of those things I just listed?

Do you think it’s okay for other people to have enough money to live in a nice house, have a great job, a happy family, and have lots of fun and enjoyment in their lives? Do you think it’s okay for you? Do you think you deserve it?

The word “deserve” is often a loaded word, because people tend to judge the word, others and themselves. I chose this word for that very reason. Think about it – I mean really ponder it – Do you deserve to live in abundance and prosperity?

I think you do. I think you do and I don’t even know you; I don’t need to know you. Many of us often judge ourselves as unworthy of the good things, as undeserving of happiness and many other things we come up with for ourselves. But the fact is that we are not perfect and we are deserving no matter what our faults and misguided steps may have been and may still be.

Do you find yourself thinking negatively about people who do have monetary wealth? Do you look at people with money and think things like, “Rich people are snobs” or “Money corrupts people” or some other negative thought when you see someone with the uber-nice car or the giant diamond ring?

Can you think of people who do have lots of money who also happen to be kind-hearted, generous and compassionate and who aren’t corrupted by the greed and other ickiness that you might feel about money? Do you know of people who are trying to change the world with their money? Do you know genuinely nice people who are truly prosperous?

I have the pleasure of knowing quite a few of these people. They are successful in their businesses and enjoy what they do – and make good money doing it. They share the wealth, the knowledge, the positivity. They have beautiful homes in great neighborhoods in fantastic locations. They have happy families. They have room in their lives for regular vacations and other fun (and they make sure to have fun!). They live rich spiritual lives (whether religious or not). They are generous, loving, compassionate people. They are joyful and full of laughter and happiness.

Does that sound good to you? It sounds fantastic to me! And we all deserve that kind of richness and wealth and prosperity in our lives – no matter what.

I was on another “Ask Jack Canfield” call the other day and he was talking about this same kind of thing. He had an exercise he calls the “Prosperity Game”.

For 30 days every day you will amass amounts of money in this game and each day, you write an account for where it came from and what you’re going to buy with it. Each day, the money doubles from the previous day, and each day you can only spend the money on yourself!

Day 1 – You get $250 !!  Where did you get it?  What are you going to do with it?

Day 2 – You get $500 !!  Where did you get it ? What are you going to do with it?

Day 3 – You get $1000 !! Where did you get it? What are you going to do with it?

Double the money each day. See how you feel about spending all this money on yourself. I encourage you to write those feelings down too. As more money needs to be spent, it will be harder to find where it came from and what to spend it on. Be creative! This will help you open the avenues to your own success and prosperity!

When you get to $128 million then you can spend it on other people or organizations. But until then, you have to spend it all (no saving), and you have to spend it only on you.

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