How Much is This Going to Cost?

Almost everything I do is on a sliding scale basis. If you can afford the fee, then I ask that you honestly pay it. If you cannot, I will work with you. Some services are free for people who express a need but don’t have the means to pay.

Coaching $10 – $160/session

Reiki $0 – $80/session

EFT $0 – $80/session

As I was talking about the possibility of changing the way I do business to give away my services to those who needed it, I was asked most often, “Why would you give your service away when you could charge for it?”

My answer was, and still is, “Why not?”

I see that sometimes finances can have an affect on our bodies. Financial stress is one of the biggest stressors people face, especially when they have a family depending upon them to have the money to pay for food, healthcare, clothing, transportation, utilities and a roof overhead.

I want to provide as many people with coaching, Reiki, and EFT as I possibly can handle. I don’t think people should be stopped by a lack of enough money. Money is tight for many people, including my own family. And I believe that people should have access to services that benefit their health and wellness.

When it comes to having something you need, something that can help you be a better, healthier, and happier human being, I don’t think you should experience stress over paying for it.

So, although my family and I could also benefit from the money to ease our own financial strain, our very basic needs are mostly met, and because of that, I want to give my services to everyone who needs them, regardless of their or my own financial ability.

I love all of my fellow humans. I love you. I want you to be healthy and happy.

Email me! Let’s figure it out – together!


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