Learn More About Chakras: The 2nd Chakra

November 23, 2012

This is part 2 of a series of 7 articles relating to your subtle energy body, specifically, your Chakras. Chakra 1 was covered at the beginning of November 2012, and the next 5 chakras will be coming soon.

Your Second Chakra is also named Svadhisthana, which translates from Sanskrit to “one’s own place”, and is located in your lower abdomen at the Sacral Plexus. It’s primary function is pleasure and well-being. It allows us to open up, be aware, and move beyond our selves and comes in through the senses.¬†Pleasure is a necessary function, although it can be excessive. Through pleasure we are able to experience peace and satisfaction. The 2nd Chakra is directly related to your emotional identity, your sexuality, and your orientation toward self-gratification.

You may have an imbalance in your Second Chakra if you experience any of the following physical and/or mental ailments:

  • Pain in your lower back/hips/sacrum/abdomen
  • Abdominal distention/swelling
  • Hip deterioration or displacement
  • Urinary tract/kidney/bladder dysfunction/disease/infection
  • Reproductive troubles
  • Menstrual issues
  • STDs, Yeast Infections, and other genital diseases
  • general muscle stiffness and rigidity
  • feelings of guilt
  • sexual dysfunction

As with any issue relating to the body or mind, you should work with your general healthcare practitioner. Never stop doing what your doctor has prescribed unless you speak with them first and they agree that it is what’s best. Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation can be fantastic partners to your traditional healthcare regimen. As a practitioner, I highly recommend using these modalities in partnership with your regular healthcare routines.

You may have Excessive Energy in your 2nd Chakra if you:

  • have obsessive attachments to people or things
  • experience sexual or stimulative addictions
  • experience excessive moodiness or are overly sensitive
  • are emotionally dependent
  • feel emotionally unstable
  • have a poor sense of personal boundaries (for self and others)
  • tend to invade other people’s space and boundaries

Your 2nd Chakra is deficient in energy if you:

  • are rigid in your beliefs and are close-minded
  • are rigid and inflexible in your behavior
  • experience stiffness and rigidity in your body
  • are fearful of change
  • are insensitive to others’ situations, needs, feelings, etc.
  • are emotionally numb
  • avoid or are fearful of pleasure
  • avoid or are fearful of sexual activities and sexuality
  • have excessive boundaries/personal rules
  • experience boredom regularly
  • have poor social skills
  • have a lack of passion or excitement
  • have a lack of desire

Your 2nd Chakra is balanced if you:

  • are able to embrace change
  • have graceful movements
  • have a flexible body
  • are flexible in your beliefs
  • are able to feel compassion and sympathy with others
  • are able to nurture others and self
  • are able to control your emotions and sense the emotions in others
  • have healthy boundaries for yourself and respect others’ boundaries
  • are sexually satisfied
  • are passionate and experience desire and excitement

If you are experiencing trouble in any of these aspects of your life, please feel free to have a complimentary consultation to find the options right for you.

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