Learn More About the Chakras: The 4th Chakra

January 27, 2013

This is part 4 in a series of 7 articles relating to the subtle energy body called the Chakras. To catch up on the three previously discussed Chakras, please see Chakra 1, Chakra 2, and Chakra 3.

The Fourth Chakra is also named Anahata, translating to unhurt, unbeaten, or unstruck. It is associated with the element of air, and of the actions of the hands. Known commonly as the ‘Heart Chakra’ it is also associated with unconditional love, healing, compassion, empathy, and acceptance. It is located in the region of the heart, commonly pictured at the center of the sternum. It governs the lungs, heart, and the thymus gland.

In order to maintain balance in life, especially in today’s materialistic society, we must tune into our heart chakra and open it. It is through the opening of this Chakra that the egoic self begins to fall away and we are able to see meaning in the world above our social status, above our financial wealth, and above the materialistic view of success. The Heart Chakra allows us to share in the communion with the energy of life; the energy that sustains our planet in its entirety and runs through every living being, every element, and plants.

You may have an imbalance in your Fourth Chakra if you:

  • Experience difficulty breathing and/or have athsma
  • Have Chronic Bronchitis or other lung infections and/or diseases
  • Have Heart Disease
  • Have other cardiac troubles
  • Experience circulation problems
  • Have a weakened immune system
  • Experience aching in your chest or upper back
  • Are prone to jealousy
  • Lack empathy and/or compassion
  • Often have feelings of isolation and/or loneliness
  • Find yourself as always giving or always receiving without reciprocation
  • Find yourself being overly critical
  • Are antisocial and/or fearful of intimacy
  • Are experiencing extended feelings of grief, or have been grieving for a long time and feel unable to go on with your life
  • Lack tolerance of others’ differences
  • Have high or too-low blood pressure

As with any issue relating to your body or mind, you should work with your general healthcare practitioner. Never stop doing what your doctor has prescribed unless you discuss it with them first and they agree that it is okay.

Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation can be fantastic partners to your traditional healthcare regimen. As a practitioner, I highly recommend using these modalities in partnership with your regular healthcare routines.

You may have excessive energy in your 4th Chakra if you:

  • Are primarily focused on others with little regard for yourself
  • Are always giving to others
  • Are prone to jealousy
  • Are overly emotional
  • Have a high blood pressure
  • Are too accepting (to the point of consistent detriment to yourself)
  • Have chest pains

You may have deficient energy in your 4th Chakra if you:

  • Have low blood pressure
  • Experience poor circulation
  • Are fearful of intimacy or connection with other humans
  • Are antisocial
  • Are consistently angry
  • Are focused on yourself to the detriment of others
  • Lack empathy and/or compassion
  • Have a weakened immune system or are often sick
  • Have a difficult time managing the stress of your day to day life
  • Feel hatred toward yourself and /or others
  • Often feel angry
  • Are intolerant of others’ differences
  • Are unaccepting
  • Are unable or unwilling to experience emotions

Your 4th Chakra is likely balanced if you:

  • Are compassionate, empathetic, and caring
  • Are able to take care of both others’ and your own needs
  • Are accepting and tolerant of others’ differences
  • Love yourself
  • Love others
  • Feel centered and content
  • Feel at peace
  • Feel at one with all life
  • Have a healthy immune system
  • Have healthy heart and lung functions
  • Are able to have emotions without being consumed or controlled by them
  • Are light-hearted

As with any other Chakra imbalance, I can help you achieve the balance through targeted practices, building routines and structures to support you.

If you are experiencing issues with any of the aspects of your life mentioned, contact me now to schedule a complimentary discovery session and to discuss the options that will work for you.



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