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April 26, 2010

I had the opportunity to go on air this morning with a local radio show “The World Famous Frank Show”. I went on to talk about Reiki healing and what it can do for people and how it works. It was fun being on the show. I was nervous all weekend and again driving this morning, but once I dropped off the kids and was on my way to the station, I felt completely at ease and was totally in my element when we were on the air.

This particular morning show is fun, loud, boisterous and often controversial. And this morning was still fun but the boisterousness was not present while I was there and I’d say that the controversy was either not present or toned way down. I’m sure it had the potential to bore a few of their die-hard hardcore listeners do death, but one can’t please everyone all the time.  So while it may have been toned down to tears for some, it was probably a nice respite for others.

I had a lot of fun, had the opportunity to meet the jocks who I listen to every weekday morning and had the chance to share a little bit of myself and a bit of what I do with the city of Tucson. They even let me plug my site at the end. I’m just sorry I wasn’t better prepared on the site for all the hits I got from it. Next time, I’ll be ready!!

“Next time?” you ask. While today pretty much fell into my lap after I called into the show to set the record straight on Friday morning because of a local who was giving Tucson bad information about Reiki, I plan on making some official requests to other local shows to go on and talk about Post-Trauma Coaching and how it’s beneficial to anyone who has experienced any form of trauma. (More on that for you in my next blog in a few days.)

I had the opportunity to share my expertise this morning. I am proud of myself for doing it well. I encourage you to remember to share your wisdom and knowledge with others, share your expertise, your prowess and take pride in being good at it!

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