Possibilities & Expectations

May 9, 2012

Often we are stopped by our own expectations of things (ie. “This is going to be boring.”) Also, fears often play a part of this. We have thoughts like, “What if I’m not good enough?”, “What if I fail?”, “What if I don’t fit in?”, “What will the others be thinking of me?”

These fears set up a huge expectation on ourselves to be perfect, look perfect, do perfect. This is not realistic. While expecting that something is going be terrible makes us go into it with that mentality and it most likely will be just as you expected.

What if we went into something without expectations and went into it completely open to ultimate possibility? If we went into it with an open mind to whatever happens… happens. What might we learn – about ourselves? What might be gained? What might we experience?

How can we be present to an experience and open to what may be if we are continually thinking and worrying about what our expectation already is: “What will other people think?”, or “I’m not as good as the lady next to me.”, or “What if I totally fail?”, or “This is going to be so boring!”

Imagine the experience if you were totally, 100% present and open to the process and not focused on your what-if’s and expectations. WOW!

The fact is, that what we hold to be true… IS.

What if you control the outcomes you have simply by what you’re deeply connected to having happen? Guess what, good or bad, positive or negative… YOU ALREADY DO!

Here’s how that works: You may logically know something, but your sub-conscious mind plays a major role in your life. So what is the belief underneath the surface? Is there a fear? When you are 100% completely and totally honest with yourself what do you see under your expectations?

What created your sub-conscious belief in the first place? A past experience? Does it relate to now? Think about it. What happened is in the past. It’s connected to a time and place that doesn’t currently exist. It could have been 2 minutes ago… but it isn’t now. Does it make it irrelevant? It is relevant in a limited way. It happened to you, and that matters. But it is irrelevant in that it does not control what’s can happen right now. Even if something in the past has actually created a physical change in your life – it does not control the possible outcomes in front of you right at this moment.

What can you take away from your mistakes/failures? Did you learn to do something differently or are you repeating them over and over?

What if you were whole and complete right now – this very second? Guess what? I have news for you. You ARE! You are whole and complete right now and have the ability to have what you need in order to have what you want.

So what are you most connected to? If you want something, you can have it. You just need to get over yourself and make it so.


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