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“I was very happy to work with Giovanna as my life coach. She taught me to be more self sufficient and ask the right questions when accomplishing tough tasks and situations in my life. I was able to accomplish things I would never have done without her help. She is very punctual, accommodating, and cares about your situation completely. I also enjoy using her Reiki services. I always leave feeling clear and balanced. I appreciate her assessment of my energy after the Reiki treatment.”
~ Mary G., San Diego, CA

“A year ago, I was seeking a deeper purpose in my work. At that time, I didn’t have clear in my mind where I was going but all I knew was that I was looking for a professional change. Working with Giovanna gave me such a good direction to identify other important aspects in my life besides my job. She put in perspective to capture my talents and establish new expectations and goals in life. She also made me identify the habits at home that were making me a procrastinator in life. I still have way to go, but I also know that I won’t give up. Thank you so much, Giovanna, for being such an intuitive, non-judgmental, and encouraging coach!”
~ A. Green; San Diego, CA

“Giovanna is intuitive and compassionate while keeping you on track to reach your goals. Giovanna’s feedback is spot on and leads to breakthroughs in a faster and more efficient manner. Giovanna is the coach to hire for assistance in reaching your goals or improving your life right now.  Giovanna is a top notch coach and I highly recommend her services.”
~ R. Lowis; Chicago, IL

“Giovanna is not only an excellent coach – she brings such a great energy to her work, and interaction with everyone. Her insightful questions and comments shine just the right amount of light for you on your journey.  It’s a privilege to get to work with someone so beautiful, talented, kind and genuine.”
~ TBL; Los Angeles, CA

“Giovanna coaches with a rare combination of compassion and clarity. Her life experience and training have uniquely poised her to deliver insightful and meaningful feedback. When I am being coached by Giovanna I know that my dreams or concerns matter. She has a beautiful way of being fully present and inspiring me to a place of commitment and action. Thank you Giovanna for always being there and for helping me to believe in and move forward on my dreams! You are indispensable!!”
~ Randi; Southern California

“I had the opportunity to work with Giovanna during her upper level coach training. I had the opportunity not only of working with her directly, but of listening to, and observing her, coach others. Giovanna brings many qualities to her coaching. Those which stick out in my experience of her are a high level of kindness, compassion, and an ability to open possibilities where clients do not see them. She is always looking to develop herself as coach and move to that next level and as such is always able to bring what is needed to the coaching relationship. I look forward to working with her again in the future. She is a lighthearted, caring person and coach.”
~ Cami McLaren

“Giovanna came to me as a student for Reiki Healing. I found her to be a very special spiritual person with a beautiful soul. After working with her through my Healing classes, I watched her unfold into a wonderful Healer that blesses those she meets.”
- D. Singerline; Atlanta, GA

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